Friday, January 22, 2010

He ain't heavy, he's my doggie

We have two stuffed dogs that look alike with the exception that one is big (9-ish inches) and the other is 1/2 the size. For some reason, Meatball became quite attached to the big one. For about a week or so, he would become worried (not quite frantic) and walk around going "Hebby, hebby. Where hebby?" Then, it shortly evolved to "heavy." Well, it turns out that the big dog has been christened "Heavy." Yes, Heavy. Most toy dogs are named Rover, Spot, Fred, even Clifford, right? Nope - Meatball's dog is named Heavy.

And, despite Meatball's best efforts, Peanut just isn't as into being attached to a stuffed animal. He would rather play with his train set - constantly with the train set. However, since Meatball is pressuring him so much and practically forcing the toy into Peanut's hands, he is warming up to "Little." Yes - Little is Heavy's 1/2 sized side kick.

Not much for originality, are they?

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