Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's almost like we were praying

So, we woke up this morning in a full bed - meaning that both boys joined us at some point in the night (which I don't care about because I believe firmly in a family bed). Anyway... so, me and the boys got up (me reluctantly) and got some milk and whatever.

At some point, Meatball did something exasperating, and Peanut said "Oh for god's sake, [Meatball]!" We just started cracking up.

Then, after clean diapers and pulling all of the books out of the book shelf, we hear Meatball say "ah-muss to god!"

We just sat on the bed quietly laughing. It was awesome.

Oh, by the way - last night on our way home from burning some energy in Fashion Place mall, Meatball said "Mommy, don't get mad; get glad!" and both of them erupted into hysterics. No reason. I wasn't even nagging or barking orders at anyone. It was just funny....

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