Saturday, January 2, 2010

Higher Education

So, call me nuts, but I did it. I applied for the MBA program at Westminster, and I was accepted! I start in mid-January; it's an 18-month program. I wouldn't have even considered it because, let's face it, it's expensive and I don't have much spare time.

1) It's part of a pilot program with my employer. The assignments are actually initiatives that the company needs to accomplish anyway.
2) The group assignments are with co-workers, so they can be done during lunch or at work, and it won't be difficult to get everyone together.
3) The boys aren't old enough yet to be in organized sports, they don't have homework, and they are (sort of) in bed by 8pm. Plenty of study time each night until 11pm.
4) Since it's part of a pilot program, the cost is HALF of what it would normally be. That's right. HALF priced graduate degree. Holy cats!
5) This should increase my earning potential to a point where we could leave this state, and I could get a job that could support us and Bub could legally adopt her own kids. I guess we'll see in 18 months.

Wish me luck

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Anonymous said...

I've had to catch up on you a bit and I HAD to chime in on this one. Fantastic! You are an amazing woman and what a wonderful thing you're doing for your partner and your kids. Big cheers for you, K!