Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Cookies of Christmas, Day 1

The 12 Cookies of Christmas - a fun idea that I'm borrowing from Apron Antics (who, incidentally, hasn't posted anything for a year, and I'm officially threatening to remove your blog from my roll. Come on, Julie - I love what you cook - throw me a bone - or a recipe!)

So, the idea is easy enough, right? Bake a different cookie each day for the 12 days before Christmas!
Day 1 - didn't work out like I thought it would. We ended up at granny's for dinner which meant that we wouldn't get home in time to bake anything before bed. So, we opened a package of refrigerated sugar cookies that granny had, plopped them on a baking sheet, and tossed it all on the oven. Peanut and I still had fun watching the cookies flatten out and get brown. (Meatball spent much of this time in the naughty corner for various reasons.)
So, we had cookies, but not according to plan. The best laid plans..... right?!?!

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