Saturday, December 25, 2010

12 Days of Cookies, Day 12

I made spritz for the first time ever! Bub and her mom are big spritz fans, so we made them for granny's Christmas Eve party. Meatball and I had a good time squeezing the spritz making contraption, and they turned out very tasty.

I thought about my Aunt Colleen while making these because she made them every year at Christmastime (and probably still does). I really looked forward to these light little cookies and thought that she must have taken loads of time out of her schedule of trying to make sure that Shellie and Stacy didn't strangle each other and that Clint and Jake didn't burn down the house.

Turns out that they are very easy to make which makes sense for her busy life. However, she was never too busy to sit down with my mom over several cups of coffee and laugh. She has a great laugh, and she was one of only a few people who could consistently make my mom laugh until she cried.

Happy holidays, Aunt Colleen. Miss you, mom.

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