Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, Santa - please come through!

Dear Fat Man In Red Suit:

PLEASE be sure to deliver the E1mo Playd*h Pie Machine to Meatball this year. It's the ONLY thing that he wants out of life.

By the way, no naughty person in the world should receive one, ever. Just in case you were wondering. (As in: "Mommy, that man [on tv] is naughty. He won't get the E1mo Playd*h Pie Machine from Santa." or "Mommy, you said 'jerk.' Santa isn't going to bring you the E1mo Playd*h Pie Machine.")

Meatball, of course, has been a shining example of really fabulous behavior and deserves nothing more than the E1mo Playd*h Pie Machine. The throwing of the food, the tackling of the sibling, the screaming at a pitch that makes mommies cry and dogs howl - it's all good, right?

PS - if you are crazy enough to bring Peanut anything other than train stuff, you are wasting your energy. The world continues to revolve around all things railroad.

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