Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Days of Cookies, Day 9

I was silly to think that two 3-year olds would actually want to bake cookies for 12 days in a row. Looking back, this was more of a mommy thing... [Sigh] Maybe next year. Maybe not.

So, for day 9, we simply frosted some of the sugar cookies that we made on Saturday. And by "frost," I mean mommy smeared frosting on the cookies while boys shook sprinkles all over the frosting, and the counter, and the floor, and the rug. Peanut managed to get frosting in his hair, and Meatball's shirt was covered in it. It was also very fun to put those red cinnamon candies on the snowmen and then take them off and eat them and then put more on and take them off. Suffice it to say that these few cookies have boy germs all over them and will not be delivered to any of the neighbors.

We have enough various cookies to deliver to our neighbors. Actually, we have MORE than enough since we only deliver to three of our neighbors and one of them hates everything sweet. (He's getting home made enchilada sauce.)

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