Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Mother's Day

In so many ways, this was just another day. We had to get up and clean the house. I worked in the yard. We had to change diapers. We fed the dogs (and managed to play fetch with them for about five mintues). We need to fix the sprinklers. We need to fix the tile in the laundry room. The sink faucet is driving me nuts. WE HAD TO CHANGE DIAPERS?!?!??? We drank margaritas for the first time in TWO YEARS!! I can't believe that we're moms. This is the most incredible and insane and exciting and emotional and amazing time in my entire life. The little men are getting so big. Meatball is trying to say "cat" but only "at" comes out. Peanut is trying to say something, but we don't know what it is; he remains insistent. Oh my god. Just last year, they were tumbling and kicking me from the inside out. Today, they are living, breathing, laughing, pooping, squealing, practically walking human beings with completely different personalities. We are moms. For the love of Pete, WE ARE MOMS! It completely blows me away.

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