Monday, May 19, 2008

First words - second glance; First steps - double glance

Technically, Meatball's first word was "uh-oh." It just started coming out one day. His next word was "hi." Bub carried him out of the bedroom where he had been napping. He looked at me, and I cheerily said "Hi!" to which he replied (can you see where this is going?) "hi!" However, yesterday was a big day. Not only did he say "cat" with a "C" sound, but he also said TIGER. He's been saying "di-do" for a couple of days, but we weren't sure what he was referring to. Yesterday, it was a for sure "tiger". And, it's soooo cute - the "G" is very soft, and the "R" is that little kid "R" sound, so it sort of comes out as "ti-gho" but cute nonetheless. AND BEN TOOK TWO STEPS ON HIS OWN!!! From the coffee table to Kelley - we were staring at him with HUGE, wide eyes. He didn't repeat it, but we can tell that it's coming. He's going to be cruising around very soon.

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