Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know you're a grown up when:

Our little people are becoming grown-ups as evidenced in the following ways:
#1: YOU CAN EAT ANYTHING PUT IN FRONT OF YOU. (Meatball stuffs everything possible into his mouth and then “chews.” He doesn’t really seem to mind that most of it falls out and eventually ends up inside of his shirt or pants or on the bottom of his socks or mashed onto the butt of the diaper.)
#2: YOU ARE SEATED WHEN THE POOP IS CLEANED UP. (This was a stand-up diaper change, so that was mom’s first mistake. Then, Peanut decided to sit down half-way through the process, so the doody was conveniently wiped off of his bum by the bath mat.)
#3: YOU CARE MORE ABOUT NUTRIENTS THAN APPEARANCES. (Meatball has decided that the liquid vitamins are like candy even though they make both moms gag. So, when Mama K approached him with the vitamin bottle, he immediately spat out all of the food that he had stuffed into his mug – see #1 above.)
#4: YOU PEE STANDING UP. (Peanut needed a diaper change during a road trip. Since it was windy outside, we tried to accomplish this on the car seat. It didn’t take long to realize that the seat wasn’t big enough. So, another stand-up diaper change was the plan. However, as soon as the diaper was off and the cool breeze “surprised” him, his emptied his bladder all over Mama K’s purse and the mat on the car floor.)
I can only wonder what other experiences await us over the next 17 years!

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