Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When we're putting the boys to bed at night, we don't just place them in their cribs and walk away. We usually hold them until they are asleep. We'll probably regret it later, but it's just so hard to let them go! So, we're often on the couch or in the bed holding and rocking while their little eyelids droop lower and lower. As Bub gets tired, she lets out a few big sighs. Lately, when she's holding Peanut and he's falling asleep, he will sigh, too. Her big sigh is followed by a little tiny person sigh. Sometimes, we'll mute the TV and sigh on purpose just so that we can hear him. In about 15 years, he will be sighing for different reasons with accompanying eye-rolling, I'm sure. But, in 15 more years or so, he will have a little person in his arms imitating him, and I know that it will make him grin and melt a little on the inside.

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