Friday, August 24, 2012

Corporate games 2012

I recently competed in the Salt Lake County corporate games.

It was the 5k Cross Country race, and it was only because we had to have two women on the co-ed team. All of the FAST women at work were already occupied. I didn’t want the team to forfeit, so I dragged my slow ass around the course three times only to be the last Tanner-ite to cross the line. The only saving grace in moments like these is that there were plenty of other folks behind me. It sucks to be slow, but at least I wasn’t last.

Then, ONLY BECAUSE THERE WAS NOBODY ELSE TO DO IT, I led a group of five in the cheerleading event. Oh, gawd. We had one day to prepare, and ten minutes to practice. Given those circumstances, we actually did fairly well!

Then, we spent the rest of the morning checking out the other corporation’s booths. One of them, Zion’s Bank, had a money catching machine. If you caught a certain number of fake bills, you won a prize. The boys LOVED it. It was a blast to watch them giggle and grab the air frantically. Peanut listened to me and stuffed the money into his shirt. Meatball was just too wound up and laughing to remember to stuff his shirt. It was awesome.

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