Friday, August 17, 2012

Wheeler Farm

Oh, we just love visiting Wheeler Farm. It’s close to Granny and Grandpa’s house, and it’s free! We love to sit on the tractors. For the first time, the boys were actually interested to know what some of the other very old farm equipment did, and I was impressed by my own ability to explain most of it to them!

On this particular visit, there weren’t many animals present. Most of the animals are kept and cared for by the local FFA chapter. It’s a pretty cool idea, actually. There isn’t hardly ANY farmland in the Salt Lake valley anymore, but the local urban high school can still have an FFA chapter if they keep their animals at this farm. The farm visitors get to see the animals, and the kids have a free place to raise something. In their absence, though, I suspect that they have been taken to the local county fair for showing and selling.

We also had Granny and Grandpa joined us for brunch at the farm. On Sunday's, there is an arts and crafts fair with music and a little "train" ride, tractor rides, and lots of playing.

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