Thursday, August 9, 2012

First lost tooth

A couple of months ago, the boys were bathing and playing (and making a watery mess, of course). Peanut had a washcloth in his mouth, and Meatball was pulling on it. I told them not to do that. Bub told them not to do that. Then, Peanut was crying. Um, duh. What did I just tell you?

So, Meatball had pulled a bit too hard, and it hurt Peanut’s tooth. There was even a tiny bit of blood. AND, the tooth was wobbly. Now that he finally learned a lesson, he was very careful about what he put in his mouth and how he played with his brother. We were hoping that a little bit of time would help his gums tighten up around this tooth, but it was a long shot.

Finally, it got so loose that we just wanted to pull it out so that he wouldn’t swallow it. He, of course, didn’t want us to. That’s too scary for the first tooth! So, we were walking through one of our favorite stores doing our grocery shopping when he stopped us in the middle of the cleaning aisle to show us the tooth he was holding between his thumb and forefinger. He just tinkered with it until it came out!

So, here we are! The first lost tooth. It will easily be two years before this hole is filled with his permanent tooth. The dentist says not to worry at all about it, so we aren’t. What a cutie!

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