Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So, this was very unnerving! Remember how I said that half of the state was on fire? Well, these pictures were taken ONE BLOCK from our house. Lightening struck around 2pm while Bub and the boys were out running errands. Our friends up the street were home, though, and said that it was exceptionally loud and scary! It struck the very dry hillside right behind our house, and it immediately began to burn.

Luckily, someone called the fire department right away, and they responded extremely quickly. Compared to other fires raging in the state at the same time, this fire was puny in comparison, but that doesn’t matter when it’s so close to home. There was only ONE row of houses between the fire and our house. Just to the left of these pictures, about half of a football field away, there are three houses on this hill that were in danger!

And, I was a work the whole time. I did NOT like the helpless feeling that I had!
Like I mentioned, the whole state has been on fire. The day after this fire started, another one - again caused by lightening - started about 20 miles from us. It ultimately burned about 8000 acres. However, this was nothing. A fire near my hometown caused the evacuation of two entire towns and burned about 70,000 acres. Another one, the worst so far this year, burned about 96,000 acres out in the west central desert. Then, we had a break, but just yesterday, three new fires were reported. UG!

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