Thursday, August 23, 2012

UP 150 party and fountain

Last month, Salt Lake City was named as a Union Pacific Train City USA. There are not a lot of these cities across the nation. Salt Lake has been a stop for Union Pacific for 150 years, and the combined celebration was a big deal. Union Pacific provided mini-train rides, simulators, a live band (who were really good), speeches, actors in period clothing, photos, and 10,000 cupcakes. Seriously – 10,000 cupcakes. Not only that, but it was held at the Gateway mall in downtown SLC with THE FOUNTAIN.

But, before I entertain you with the fountain pictures, here is a short history about Union Pacific in Utah. Before regulations moved human transport to Amtrak, UP had several trains across the nation that were specifically for passengers. The Union Pacific Depot in downtown SLC is a beautiful historical building that was heavily used in those times. It has stained glass murals, tiled walls, and a hardwood floor in the main hall.

Union Pacific now transports cargo only. Because they have put a lot of work into the science of the engines, they are incredibly efficient, and they can transport several (50-ish) freight cars or tankers for the same cost that a semi truck can move three.

Oh, yeah. Peanut is still determined to be a train driver. He doesn’t even consider any other profession.

Then, there is the fountain.

The day was HOT – approximately 104* - and kids were LOVING the fountain. The boys (and practically all of the other kids) ran through, laid upon, dodged, sought out, and tried to stop the flow of the water streams. There was shrieking, screaming, giggling, and laughing.

At some point, some kid decided to put a bottle over one of the water streams causing it to shoot up in the air when the water spout turned on. Then, all of the kids were doing it. Luckily, this is one of those things where it’s ok to do what all of the other kids are doing. It was actually a good little science experience, and they conducted it themselves.

Meatball held his butt over the spouts a few times so that the water would shoot right up the leg of his shorts. Both of them were pegged in the eye a few times because they just got too close when investigating the source of the water pressure. Sometimes, they would lie on top of the spout so that the water would shoot them in the stomach. This always resulted in lots of laughing because, apparently, it tickles!

It was just a GREAT day and a super fun time. The only downer was that Bubba was sick and in bed the whole day. She missed out on a wonderful day.

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