Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning how to eat sunflower seeds

Once every summer, we usually manage to score tickets to a Bees baseball game. We keep going because 1) I like watching baseball, and Bub is a really good sport in spite of not liking the game at all, 2) we keep hoping that the boys will become interested, and 3) it’s free and we don’t get to take the boys to very many things because of our budget right now.

The highlight of the event is usually the cotton candy, for sure.

I’m the only person that cares at all about the rest of the game. Even at age five, we still take lots of walks around the baseball stadium, roll down the hills at the edges of the stadium, and request a lot of sugar in the form of candy, licorice, cotton candy, and lemonade. Five years old is still too young to sit through nine innings of baseball. We only stayed the entire time because there were fireworks afterwards.

The highlight of this game, however, was teaching them how to eat sunflower seeds. Meatball got the hang of it very quickly. They’re both doing a very good job of it. It’s now Peanut’s snack of choice when we’re in the car. (The car is also very messy, now.)

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