Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dinosaur park with Z

Our good buddy, Z, recently moved to North Carolina with one of his moms. We will miss him. He is a sweet, sweet boy. Normally, he lives a couple of hours from us. He is the son of my ex (and looks JUST like her), and a year older than our guys. But, when we get together, he likes to involve both Peanut and Meatball in everything that he does. He wants to please, and he wants to be a friend. He is a friend. He is a nice and loving friend. We will miss him.

We happened to be going to the Ogden dinosaur park on the same day that he was going with his grandma for his birthday, so we met up there. We had fun. We took a few pictures with my crappy phone, and then it died, so I don't have them... What a fun day. Mostly, we enjoyed checking out the life-sized dinosaurs and “finding” fossils in the sand box. (What a fun idea. The fossil in the sand box kept us busy for a while!)

Not only was it fun to see Z, but Bub and the boys were so sweet to wait for me as I ran the Ogden marathon relay with some friends. We had a blast the night before as we went to dinner Ladeena and went swimming at our hotel. The next morning, I left when they were asleep, and they kept themselves busy until I got done with my relay leg. After my shower and subsequent run, we met my ex and her family (include my ex-mother-in-law) at the dino park. I tell ya- it’s good to have an understanding and open-minded spouse.

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