Sunday, April 27, 2008

Women's full-contact football

Kudos to the Utah Avalanche! I love football, but I've never even played the poweder-puff version. These women are playing full contact football with all of the cumbersome pads and helmets and etc. To top it off, they aren't half bad! With the closest team in Boise, they don't have many opportunities to play, but at their game yesterday, they kicked butt! My friend, Beck, made a GREAT TD. Her wife, MB, also TD'd, but I was late to the game and missed it. Not kidding, these women didn't priss around. They played like they meant it, and won by a margin of about 30 points. Way to go Avalanche, and I hope that you enjoy this photo of BS's TD run! (And, no, I won't be joining. I am a priss.)

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