Monday, March 17, 2008

22 week update

22 week appointment - update:

Met with the doc this morning. I warned Bubba that since she couldn't come to this appointment (like the unexpected "twin news" ultrasound) that we should expect something huge or terribly weird to happen. Well, whew! Everything is on track. And, shame on me... I had Bub freaked out all morning long. (oops!)

The boys are moving and squirming just fine. It's normal for me not to feel them much right now. That will change in a few weeks when I will - apparently - be wishing that they will calm down! Baby A's heartrate was 140 bpm; Baby B's heartrate was 166 bpm.

My uterus is quickly approaching my rib cage. Last month, the top of my uterus was around my belly button. Now, it's two inches to the north. This makes eating normal sized meals difficult since I'm filled up after a small yogurt. I was admonished by the doc for not eating enough veggies. I really have to make a conscious effort to eat them, and they fill me up soooo fast now that there is no room for my stomach. Ok - ok. I'll eat more of them and less ??? (I SWEAR that I've been eating very healthy foods.)

I'm still allowed to work at job #2, but the doc made it very clear that she will revoke this privilege at her will. Right now, it just makes me tired the next day. It still hasn't been too difficult. After all, I just walk around all night and remind teenagers that they should be WORKING instead of talking on their cell phones, playing with their hair, sitting on counters... (Yes - it is as glamourous as it sounds.)

Marathon (walking, not running) plans went down the tubes a few months ago. My 5K (walk) plans have now been kaiboshed, too. The doc is just too afraid that my cervix will be too thin and that too much physical activity will trigger premature labor. The first 5K was planned for April 21. The second was planned for May 12. I am still allowed to cheer for co-workers and friends. I think that I will volunteer to help at the 5K on April 21. I think that I would be OK, but I appreciate the doc's cautiousness; I'm sure that she knows what she is doing.

I now start bi-weekly appointments and monthly ultrasounds. I have the opportunity to enjoy (?) the sugary drink for gestational diabetes test at my next appointment.

The nursery is still 1/2 painted, and the house still looks like a tornado hit it.

We did, however, get a new puppy. He is soooooo stinking cute. I knew that Bub couldn't wait until after the boys arrive, so I wasn't surprised or mad. "Moose" is cute and smart and is potty training very quickly. He is a lab/blood hound mix. I adore him already. This probably isn't a bad thing since I can get used to getting up several times a night BEFORE the boys arrive. I'll be an old pro by the delivery day!

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