Monday, March 17, 2008

Possible gestational diabetes

Well, I'm borderline for the 1-hour glucose test, so I'm off to take the 3-hour test on Monday. I'm really quite irritated by this because if I do have GD, it's my own fault. I've been beating myself up over this for at least three days. Grrrrr.....

I feel like I have done myself and my boys a disservice. I "know" (OK - I believe) that I wouldn't have to go for the 3-hour test if I had been at a reasonable weight to begin with. What I really know is that I could have had GD if I was at a perfect weight....

It's all silly, honestly. I haven't even been diagnosed yet, but I'm already kicking myself over the whole thing.

Let's just say that I'm a middle child, the family pleaser, so I have very high expectations of myself (and others, but that's another story). When I let myself down - or even appear to do so - I really beat myself up over it. I'm a pro at it, actually.

Ridiculous - I know. It's very self defeating behavior, and I've tried my entire life to eliminate it. It's just sooooo hard. I'm sure someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

OK - so back to possible gestational diabetes. Get over it, right? My 3-hour test is on Monday. I should have the results by my next doc appointment on Thursday. I'll try to lay off of the self punishment .

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