Monday, March 17, 2008

Another ultrasound

Had another ultrasound and doc appt yesterday.
Grandma and Nana went to the ultrasound with me since Bub had to work. Tears and squealing were the order of the day.
The u/s tech made a DVD for us, and Nana took lots of pictures.

The boys are 1 lb 13 oz and 1 lb 7 oz which puts them in the 70% range for 24 weeks. No abnormalities and very clear wee-wee shots.
We shared the DVD with Grandpa and Papa afterwards. They were both very proud and impressed.

The doc is telling me that I can work at job #2 until the end of this month (four more nights). This is fine by me. It was really starting to drain me. She has also indicated that "bed rest" does NOT include laying on my side and pulling weeds from the garden. Damn! I better get my veggies planted very soon.

I hope to get the results from the 1-hr glucose test back soon.
BP and heart rate were very good. I surprisingly hadn't gained any weight in the last two weeks.

Boys are big and doing great.

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