Sunday, March 16, 2008

entering 2nd trimester

We are exactly 14 weeks today. Yeah!

As an early 2nd-tri present, a news report last night indicated that a majority of the people polled here in ultra-conservative-Utah have FINALLY decided that they do not agree with Bush's Iraq war policy. (44% disapprove, 41% still approve, and 15% were ??? unaware that we are at war? don't know who Bush is? I don't know...)

Unfortunately, 67% still back our ridiculous constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage or anything that approximates it. Sigh...

BUT, friends in Alaska have offered their spare bedroom to us for a year so that we can establish residency in order for Bub to legally adopt our coming wee one. What a sweet (and very tempting) offer!

If I were going to do Alaska, I would do it all the way. I personally don't think that a year would be enough!

All went well at our doctor appointment last Friday. We finally got to hear the heartbeat. That's amazing! Doc was pleased with everything except the amount of sleep that I'm getting. Job #2 cuts me back to about five hours a couple of times per week.

In response to that, Bub made a bed on the floor of the TV room and we did NOTHING but watch movies yesterday. I'm so rested I could scream, but it was good for me and good for us to have hours and hours of cuddle time. We laughed all day long.

(BTW, Job #2 isn't going to stay around much longer according to the doc, the spouse, the mother-in-law, the dad, and the step-mother!)

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