Sunday, March 16, 2008

TCC Anatomy 101

Cervix position. What an odd thing to worry about. Never really thought much of my cervix in the past. You know, it just sat there and did it's job (which is ???). Now, where the hell is it? It seems to have moved to a neighboring state during this fertile time!

For three weeks of the month, my cervix is - well - right there. But, holy cats! During insem week, my cervix seems to be hidden so far back that it could easily be behind my stinking spine! As a person immersed in the TCC rollercoaster, it's important for me to understand all aspects of the journey - this includes anatomy.

Is the insem going to be successful? Does cervix position matter? Yes - it does! Turns out that high is good. Good job, body. Please forget the very recent angry post. You're a good body. PS - I also love your predictability...

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