Monday, March 17, 2008

Of course they are....

As if the shock of twins wasn't enough, we just found out today that they are both boys!

We're excited, of course, but I just KNEW that they would be because we really don't "get" guys. This is nature's way of telling us that we need to broaden our minds...

The thing that really made me cry is that they are both healthy. No Down's Syndrome. No Trisomy 18. None of that worrisome stuff.
We had a regular appointment yesterday with our OB. This was the first time that we had seen her since the twin news. She just kept looking at our chart and mumbling "how did I miss that?" It was funny. At one point, she threatened to "fire" herself from our pregnancy because she's obviously not a good OB (which is a complete crock - she's the most popular OB for lesbians in Utah). I begged her not to jump to irrational decisions.

Things are progressing fine. I've only gained four pounds since our last appointment four weeks ago. I'm right on track there. BP was wonderful. No worries with the urine sample.

We talked again about bed rest. In her words, it's "very likely." This really bums me out because it will truly make me IN-FREAKING-SANE!!!!! I despise being forced to lay around. (It's OK when it's my choice, of course.) Daytime TV puts me over the edge, and while I love to read, I can only do so much. So, I came back to work and told my boss to PLEASE find something for me to do from home. I'm perfectly happy to document processes, run reports, and analyze statistics from my laptop on the bed. I think that with three months warning, I'll have plenty to keep me busy during May/June until the boys arrive.

Our next appointment will be in four weeks. After that, they increase to 2x/month and then weekly....

Now, just to get the nursery done! I can't believe how much stuff we've accumulated in the time that we've owned our house. We are going to get rid of sooooo much (which is very hard for a pack rat like me).

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