Monday, March 17, 2008

More diet changes

I fasted ALL day on Monday only to not do the test. UG! So, I fasted again on Tuesday but got to the lab in the morning, so I couldn't be bumped out.

I met with the doc today. My cervix is tight and firm and whatever. No issues there right now. The boys' heartbeats were strong and good rates.

I've only gained two pounds in the last four weeks. Doc says that I need to gain more weight. I know this, and it has been an issue for me. In fact, I brought it up before she could. The trouble is that I feel like I'm eating all of the time! What I ate two hours ago is still sitting at the top of my stomach. It hasn't gone anywhere. I'm never hungry. AND, I'll be honest - I've been relatively good with my diet, but not fantastic. I eat junk once in a while, and since I quit job #2, I sit on the couch more than I should - but still, not enough weight gain.....

Then, we talk about the GD test results. One reading is abnormal and the other is borderline. I don't officially have GD , but we're going to approach it as if I do. So, no sugar/juice/etc. Let's face it - it's not going to hurt me to cut sugar out of my diet. Probably wouldn't hurt most of the people that I know. And, I've done it before. Not that big of a deal. But juice?!?? DAMN! I love my juice.

Oh - I still have my Meniere's problem, so I'm always on a sodium restricted diet.

So, gain more weight, but don't eat lots of stuff. Pregnancy is a weird thing full of mixed signals, isn't it?

I've said in previous posts that I should be eating more veggies. OK - fine. The veggie goddesses are casting their healthy spell upon me. Fine. But the thought of even more protein is making the food stuck at the top of my stomach want to come back up instead of go down....

Oh, by the way - I PROMISE that I'm not complaining. Just some odd thoughts going through my head. (I had to vow to myself not to complain through this entire thing because, frankly, I've done it to myself. It's like bitching about a hang-over - it's self inflicted and the results should be expected.)

So, I don't have gestational diabetes, and I have to cut out evil sugar. These are good things.

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