Sunday, March 16, 2008

Take your time....

"Wait three months before trying to conceive again," says the doctor.
Well, after just one very predictable cycle, we decided to go for it again. However, #2488 just didn't feel right anymore. Sure, he's probably a really nice guy, and someone bless him for helping others to start a family, but after the miscarriage something felt "off." So, we had to find another donor.

The process of finding a donor at a cryobank is like placing an online order for a take-out dinner. Hmmm.... I'm in a mood for bratwurst with a side of ravioli tonight. Basically, you browse the menu for something that sounds good. Of course, the meal is family style, so everyone at the table needs to agree that it's the right dish. Then, a more detailed menu is served up listing all the ingredients like spices, vitamins, fats, sugars, and for those with allergies: milk/tree nut/gluten possibilities. It's all quite quick and sanitary.

BUT, then again, remember that - at dinner and during conception - there is something to be said for the freshness at the farmer's market v. frozen/packaged/shipped.

As mentioned previously, those who choose a known donor do so understanding the enormous risks that they could face - especially in a backwards place like Utah. Legal documents can only do so much in this land where the rights of the biological parents trump day-to-day care in the blink of an eye.

So, understanding all of this, we chose to *)ik%*ehje(*(*#$wem*w#$(&#( 98=2839984 3982#* *!&&$*IKFJI**#)#<
(Don't you wish you knew?!??)

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