Sunday, April 6, 2008

The boys post

Just a quick update since we have been in the world for two weeks:

"I have gained just over 1/2 pound. I should pass the 4-pound mark today! I'm learning how to eat pretty well. I'm having some spitting-up problems, but the doc thinks that it's the calorie supplement that they are adding to my milk to help me 'bulk up.' I don't really mind, though. If they keep adding the calories, I'll be super-strong very soon." --Peanut

"I have gained an entire pound in two weeks EVEN THOUGH I haven't been able to eat for the past seven days! According to x-rays, a spinal tap, and blood tests, my infection is gone. I just have to wait three more days before I can eat anything. We're going to have a family picnic in the NICU on Sunday to celebrate my return to food." --Meatball

Our moms are doing well. They are learning all of the NICU lingo, and the nurses are getting used to having them around ALL OF THE TIME. (They are probably driving the nurses crazy, but all of the nurses are too nice to say anything!) Our doctors say that being home by the end of June is NOT unrealistic! Yippee!

Meatball and Peanut

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