Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things to remember

Things that we must remember:
****Meatball’s and Bub’s after dinner ritual – Meatball eats really well. He’ll eat anything. He’ll eat anytime. After a full dinner and plenty of formula, he will crawl at full-speed to Bub’s side just to share her cereal/iced tea/spaghetti/donut/strawberries/banana/asparagus/ice cream/milk/mac & cheese. He loves to do this. He doesn’t do this with me or anyone else. It’s just Meatball and Mom. It’s their special thing.
****Beej’s laugh – It’s reserved for special things. It’s throaty. It’s meant when it happens. He used this laugh tonight because the alphabet drum was talking and singing. Never mind that he has played with that drum a million times, but it was doing it’s thing tonight, and he was cracking up.
****As FREAKING IRRITATING as it is now, the squirming during diaper changes is pretty cute. The boys are sooooooooo excited about everything around them that it’s hard to keep them still during the diaper changes. They squirm and roll and stand on the changing table. They grab the powder and the lotion and the wipes and the toys and the blinds and my hair.
****Bathtime – It used to be that Beej would lay in the baby tub and kick or pop his legs and feet like crazy. He would splash water all over the place. He thought that this was hysterical, and he would do this for what seemed like forever! My legs would be asleep by the time he was done. Today, he luuuuuuuvvvvvs to lay down in the water. He’s a dolphin just like Mama B. We have to watch him carefully because he will lay down (front or back) in the blink of an eye. Then, just as quickly, he will be standing and jumping up and down. Bananny, on the other hand, needs convincing to be a water boy. This has been the case all along. He’s getting really good about laying down in the water IF he’s laying on our legs or very supported by our arm. He loves the praise at the end, but is very stiff and uncomfortable while it’s happening. As a little baby, he would lay calmly in the baby tub. Today, he’s extremely interested in splashing water everywhere with his hands. He is very cautious when it comes to the water, just like Mama K. As for tub toys, we have lots, and the boys react to them very differently. Beej wants everything in the tub and moving around (on the waves or on their own). Bananny is happy with a few toys and love to watch them. He seems to always be trying to figure out what they are doing and how.
****Sleepy time – They both struggle to go to sleep sometimes, but when they finally do, it’s funny to watch them. Meat will make sucking motion with a little bit of his tongue showing. It’s so cute! Peanut has started talking in his sleep. He’ll babble and laugh; I just wish that we knew what he was trying to say!
****Bannanny has ticklish gums - mostly on the top. When we brush his teeth, he giggles and scrunches up.
****The doorway jumper - the person who created this thing should be given an award. With two little people needing to be bathed but not enough grown up hands to clean them at the same time, the dooway jumper controls one while the other is splashing water everywhere. It has also now become a swing instead of just an up/down contraption.

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