Sunday, April 6, 2008


"Half-way House" in two ways: 1) a dwelling that houses craziness and chaos, and 2) a place where half of our boys now sleep!

At exactly 3-weeks of age, and after his first parent-administered bath, Peanut was discharged from the hospital on 6/21!!! He was about 4 1/2 pounds and looked particularly dashing in his preemie duds (courtesy of Aunt Ruth and cousins Heather and Jamie). His first car ride was immediately to grandma and grandpa's house since the hospital was anxious to have the extra bed, a meal was due in less than 30 minutes, and it couldn't be prepared on the freeway. His first non-hospital doc appointment is tomorrow, and he's been advised to avoid crowds for two months (sorry friends from work!).

Unfortunately, Meatball has yet to experience the same joy, but he probably doesn't really care since he's just interested in food - GLORIOUS FOOD! Yes - the docs have allowed him to eat again (after a most unpleasant enema x-ray yesterday that showed no intestinal blockages, kinks, or twists). Now, he just needs to get to a minimum feeding amount which will take a bit of time since he's only allowed one additional mL per meal. Then, he needs to be sure to eat everything via mouth and not nose tube (no problems here so far!) and he needs to gain weight for two days in a row (again, probably not a big deal since he is the biggest baby in the NICU - by far! Yes, he's already too big to wear the preemie clothes!)

Moms are stressing about how to juggle time between home and the hospital, but they will surely manage. The worst part is splitting the two handsome devils up for a few days. After all, they've spent the last nine months together from womb to side-by-side ICU cribs. Momma Goober is particularly teary - must be the hormones....

For anyone in the state of Utah that plans to visit Peanut (and Meatball when he's released), there are some rules that the over-protective moms must insist that you follow:

1) Don't come if you or your kids are sick. End of discussion....
2) Please call before you come. You never know - a breast feeding session may be in progress, and while Momma K isn't exceptionally modest, there are just some things that she doesn't want to share.
3) Plan to wash your hands several times before being allowed to cuddle and hug any small person. The moms will probably forego this requirement if you with to cuddle and hug them, but then again, that would just be weird.
4) If you're a smoker, shower well and do not smoke before visiting. If you can't wait that long to light up, then plan to wear something (likely a luau or tie-dye print) that belongs to Goob or Bub. Apparently, smoke particulates cling to your clothes and hair long after you extinguish, and they're really not good for preemie lungs. (And, NO - this isn't something that Goob is making up to get you all to stop smoking!)

The rules will likely be relaxed over time, but for now will be enforced. After seeing these adorable little faces, everyone will forget all about how they've been inconvenienced!

We'll let everyone know when Meatball is discharged and the whole family is happily home and harvesting cherries, berries and tomatoes. (The garden waits for no one! Gotta' get the cherries canned or put into several pies or something! They are beautiful and super tasty right now!)

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