Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yeah - sleep. Whatever.

I get very irritated with people who are astounded that the boys don't sleep through the night yet. Many of them preface it with a comment like "Well, I didn't have twins, but my kids were X (1, 2, 3) years apart, so it was just like having twins." Uh - no - it wasn't - never will be.

Other parents of multiples seem to echo my thoughts, so I don't think I'm totally crazy.

I still don't really care if they ever sleep through the night. I love that time - even though now it doesn't involve as much cuddling and snuggling and humming and caressing. Now, it's mostly a bottle while in the bed or a back rub or something like that. Regardless, I wouldn't trade the chance to look at these angelic little faces for ten extra minutes of sleep! (I must clarify this and say that it really IS ten minutes. I'm blessed with the ability to fall immediately back to sleep on most nights.)

Occasionally we co-sleep with one. Sometimes we co-sleep with both. (Co-sleeping usually happens when somebody isn't feeling well.) Most of the time, however, they go right into their cribs at 7:30 or 8pm.

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