Sunday, April 20, 2008

Near death experience (or why we need to win the adoption battle)

So, here's my super-scary experience:

We had a HORRIBLE snow storm this morning. After white-knuckling it for an hour, I did a 360 in the middle of the freeway (all the way from the far right lane over to the far left lane) with cars swerving all around me. I was face to face with a big utility truck (the kind with the big boom/lift bucket) at some point during the excitement. Then, my truck stalled = more swerving by other people. It's a wonder that I wasn't hit. I was shocked.

So, I got off of the freeway. Instead of stopping at a red light on North Temple, my truck just slid right into the curb where I sat forEVER because the slush was so deep that I couldn't get enough traction to go forward. While STOPPED on the side of the road, I got side-swiped, and then the jerk drove away before I could get the license plate.

Yes - I escape death (or at least a minor injury) in the middle of the freeway only to be hit while at a standstill.

The whole time, all I could think of was my beautiful family and the fact that we don't have all of our legal stuff finished yet. We're close, but not totally done. If something had happened to me this morning, what would Bub have done? Would anybody challenge her for the boys? Would anybody step up and support her? Would the boys be OK without me? Headlight to headlight with the utility truck wasn't nearly as frightening as worrying about what would happen to my family.

(OK - I did have one additional thought at the sight of the utility truck trying to swerve in time. I thought: "This is going to hurt.")

HOWEVER - EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS FINE! Minimal damage from the side-swiper, and my nerves are finally calmed. I hugged the boys even more tonight.

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