Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting back to running

My training sucks. Taking the past year off really kicked my ass. I struggle to run three miles right now. I like to offer up my excuses in hopes of getting sympathy:
1) I'm pushing a jog stroller with two people in it.
2) I'm trying to control our seemingly brainless Moose.
The obvious problems with my excuses:
1) The two people weigh less than 20 lbs together and soaking wet.
2) With some more training and a neuter job, Moose would actually be fairly well behaved.
Oh well.

Lately, I've become very aware of the super flab that has taken up residence between the bottom of my rib cage and my knees. I'm "gettin' jiggy," but not in a good way! My tummy, my butt, and my inner AND outer thighs could win the Christmas bowl-full-of-jelly look alike contest (if said contest actually existed).

YES - sometimes, I AM that girl - the one that obsesses over body image and actually briefly (extremely briefly) thinks that bulemia can't be all that bad..... I hate it when I'm that girl, but it happens. Best to embrace her, eat the ice cream, keep it down, and lace up the jogging shoes the next morning. I am her today. I must run tomorrow.
Oh - I'm also getting the relief society wave on my arms. Barf! (Side note - Bub's family calls this the "Venetian Blind Syndrome." They were obviously not mormon and wouldn't get "the wave" reference.)

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